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Grow your client base, drive more sales and increase your referrals by partnering with an industry leading property investment advisory group.

Our Focus

We Focus On What We Do Best

As property asset specialists, we offer our business partners and their clients with the tools, resources, knowledge and advice they require to make more informed, strategic and smart investment decisions to achieve their financial goals. We have worked with and advised hundreds of clients across Australia build diversified and high performing property portfolios and achieve greater financial security.

We work closely with a core group of alliance partners that are specialists in their fields, including accountants, financial planners, dealer groups, mortgage brokers, aggregators, solicitors and real estate groups, all dedicated to supporting a client's goals and simplifying the investment process.

Our culture is

Built around

Putting our clients first

We focus on


Sustainable investment

We provide ongoing support & tools

Research & Market Updates

As part of our ongoing service to our business partners, we provide additional research and reporting to keep you up to date and informed along the way.

Briefing & Training

Knowing how to identify a lead prospect is a crucial element in the sales process. We help our business partners identify these opportunities to close more deals and improve their bottom line.

Masterclass Platform

We provide an education platform to convert leads from interest and consideration, to evaluation and purchase to loyal customer advocate.

Marketing & Communication Tools

We provide our partners with regular email marketing (eDM’s) and content strategies with dual branding templates to nurture, engage and drive prospects to action.

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