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We utilise data and in-depth research to identify prime investment opportunities for our clients.

Our investment philosophy is built on the foundations of sound research and due diligence to achieve long-term growth.

We adopt a highly data driven and analytical approach with the property investment advice we provide, combining analysis of both macro and micro level factors to identify growth markets and strong investment opportunities.

Nationwide Research

We continuously monitor and review property markets nationwide to provide our clients access to investment properties in areas positioned for long-term growth.

Holistic Analysis

Our research process involves a detailed review of investment drivers at a macro, micro and asset level. It's this comprehensive due diligence that sets us apart from the rest.

A Targeted Approach

We use this research to grade properties for their investment potential, targeting only those with solid capital growth and cash flow potential.

The latest property investment research news

Employment Strength Property Investment NewsProperty Investment Research
15 September, 2017

Employment Surges More Than Three Times Forecast

Continuing the best six-month labour market trend growth in some 17 years, employment figures rose more than three times forecasts, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reporting an extra…

Melbourne Population Street Property Investment EducationProperty Investment NewsProperty Investment Research
14 September, 2017

BIS Shrapnel Revises Prediction Of Apartment Shortfall

BIS Oxford Economics, an independent global research house that predicts likely future movements in the Australian residential property market, has revised earlier predictions of a housing oversupply on the back…

Melbourne Sydney Property Investment NewsProperty Investment Research
27 July, 2017

Here’s Why Melbourne’s Property Market Is Outpacing Sydney’s

Affordability, a more balanced market and higher interstate and overseas migration all favour the southern city. In the month of June, Melbourne’s median dwelling price rose 2.71 per cent compared…

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